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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ANZAC Day football, should it be shared around?

Today's ANZAC Day clash between Essendon and Collingwood was a great spectacle, but also a close game instead of a one sided affair, which has been the case in previous clashes between these two sides.

Last year saw quite a debate arise within both the media and the general football public about the issue of whether or not clubs other than Essendon and Collingwood should be a given a chance to play on the special day that is ANZAC Day.

The particular issue of which sides should play on ANZAC Day is one that the AFL and the clubs should discuss further and ensure that they are not pressure by the media or fans into making a favourable decision.

Sydney and Melbourne trialled playing on ANZAC Day night a few years ago and as a Sydney supporter, I don't seem to understand what was the idea behind moving it from there to another day.

Maybe the fact that a lot of people have to work and kids have to attend school the following day may very well have something to do with it, although the real reasons why it was moved to another day would make for some interesting reading.

Then again, why should there such exclusive treatment given to two clubs with regards to playing on ANZAC day?

Yes, they might of started the tradition back in 1995 but the AFL should be sharing it around things around, maybe take the example of the SANFL which has the two grand final teams from the previous year playing off on ANZAC Day.

The AFL and the clubs should discuss this before next year with a view to allowing other clubs to also play on this day, thus ending the monopoly two clubs have on it.


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