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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dean Mighell.... is he right in what he said?

Dean Mighell is a powerful man in his role as state secretary of the Electrical Trades Union and he also is president of the Coburg Tigers, which he used to his advantage earlier this week when he launched a scathing attack on the Richmond Football Club.

The attack was published in Phil Cleary's column in this week's edition of Inside Football, which publishes a double page VFL lift out each week during the season.

Coburg are treated by Richmond without much respect according to Mighell and if his club was given more of this, more financial support would be made available to Coburg.

It's about time that the Richmond Football Club became more involved with Coburg and didn't just treat is as a reserve's team for the AFL players each week, they have already taken away the indentity of a once strong club known as the Lions.

The same has happened to Williamstown and you only need to listen that club's theme song to see how much Collingwood have taken over a club which also has a proud history, as do all clubs who compete in the VFL.

Richmond needs to show more support towards to its VFL affiliated club, both financially and resources wise if it wants the alignment between the two to be one that to be strong.

It's about time Greg Miller and other officials at Richmond sat down to have a serious discussion regarding whether both clubs can be happy whilst they are aligned to each other. After all, it was Richmond who decided to have a side in the restructured competition when other clubs such as Melbourne decided to align themselves with an VFL existing club.

Coburg might even be able to establish a licensed venue with poker machines if they can get some more financial support from Richmond, this would translate in Coburg being able to have enough money to run as a stand alone club if they choose to server ties with Richmond which could be a suggestion if the poor alignment continues.

Following my previous article on the issues surrounding Port Melbourne president Peter Saultry and the issues he has with the Kangaroos prior to the Borough deciding to compete as a stand alone club, this is another kick in the guts for a state league football competition which is the best in Australia outside the AFL.


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