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Friday, April 14, 2006

Social life, something I have struggled with

Have any of you ever thought what it would be like to not have a social life?

Well... that's been me for the last few months due to not having a regular cash flow and yes, I don't have a proper job but have enlisted the help of an employment agency so don't go having a go at me for not trying to find something.

I don't what it is about myself, but a lot of people find me both interesting and funny it must be my extraverted personality which is something that has gotten me into trouble in the past because it has come across that my personality is too familiar for some people to handle.

It was always a big issue for me in high school, I struggled a lot to make friends early on because of my Asperger's and also my behavior as considered weird by some but people grew to understand overtime and that's how it would always be if they were around me.

One of my greatest social life related moments in my life as the deb ball in year 11, the cheers to which each couple were greeted with were quite large but not until I was introduced with my partner.

It was amazing as I never knew how many people actually respected me for who I was a person, what I said or did.


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