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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Volunteering, is it worth doing?

The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth games were a great event for not just Melbourne, but the for the state of Victoria.

Whilst various groups and individuals have come out saying that the monent spent on the Commonwealth Games could have been better spent in other areas, but what they struggled to see is the legacy that it has left behind.

The legacy from Melbourne 2006 includes things such as facilities, infrastructure and other things that our city will is already benefiting from such as the revamped Melbourne Cricket Ground.

As a person who played a role as volunteer for the largest sporting event ever hosted by Melbourne since the 1956 Olympics, I feel as though I am part of the legacy.

I feel part of the legacy because the skills I learnt during my time as a specator services assistant are transferable to employment in the future.

Unfortunately, there are many young people who think that volunteering isn't worth doing because you are not paid and in my opinion this way of thinking only reflects the current world we live in, where some people are judged based on how much money they have.

As a volunteer you don't get paid, but you develop skills and friendships which last an entire lifetime unlike some of the frienships we have or have had which seem to last no more than five minutes. Having a disability, it has also helped me to interact with people in a different environment I might not of otherwise been exposed to had I chosen not to volunteer.

Everyone and more specifically, young people need to look outside what something is worth when it comes to money. What about the satisfacation of knowing that you have helped someone get to where they need to go next or where to go if they need to go the toilet?

Those two might sound like basic things that many of us would know without asking, but places can sometimes become so crowded that it's actually quite hard to find something which is where the volunteers at major sporting or cultural events come in.

Even if young people volunteer for something which is not related to sport, the same things could be said for how it gives you skills and friends that last a lifetime it all helps to make us all better people in an ever growing society.

Our world is becoming more selfish and self centered than ever before, by not volunteering we will continue to develop into a society that is worried about ourselves than those around us or the environments in which we live.

It's about time that schools started teaching kids more than just the rights they have due to the fact that as people we also have obligations as well and one of these is helping others, which can be achieved by participating as a volunteer.

Melbourne will host the World Swimming Championships next year and I really do hope that more young people volunteer some time towards an event that will be very exciting to be involved in, just as the Commonwealth Games and Deaflympics were for me.


Blogger ivanie said...

I loved your post, very good topic worth discussing and good points made :)

I know what you mean, so many people are caught with their own world they miss the satisfactions that simple thiings in life can offer you - just as you said, helping a person and being content that you gave help and the person is thankful and grateful for it.

Keep on blogging Benny!

1:40 pm  

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