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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grass roots football.... an important part of the local community

With the AFL and elite level sport in general dominating our society today, grass roots or local community level sports struggles to get any sort of media or sponsorship interest.

The media are extremely fickle when it comes to grass roots sport and in the majority of cases, they are only interested in grass roots issues when someone famous is involved.

For example, if an ex AFL player went to play local football they would write a story and feature some pictures of them play but not if the average Joe was running around playing football with his mates.

Had it not been for the Rupertswood Football Club, I wouldn't be where I am today working as football analyst/statisitician in the VFL with the great club that is Werribee.

Unfortunately, a lot of people forget that community level sport plays a large part in ensuring young people in our community an opportunity to play sport and also to keep themselves out of trouble.

The media needs to be less fickle and show a greater level of support towards sport at the grass roots level, as this is where the champions are made.


Blogger Pugs said...

How do you suggest they do that Carbs??? Friday Night Football from Wonthaggi??? Wouldn't that rate well!

1:37 pm  
Blogger Ben Carbonaro said...

I was just talking about media and the disdain that community football is treated with sometimes.

It deserves a greater amount of respect because the role it plays is sometimes downplayed.

4:22 pm  

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