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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The ABC's coverage of VFL football.... partly banned?

For those of you who are regular viewers of ABC TV's coverage of the VFL on a Sautrday, there has been something missing in recent weeks and I'm sure you know what it is.... the coaches addresses during the breaks.

These have been a highlight of the ABC's coverage since 1988 and due to yet another batch of complaints from disgruntled viewers with regards to swearing from coaches, network executives made the decision that such verbal beaviour would no longer be tolerated.

Despite the coverage being of a live nature, surely there could be something done to ensure that viewers are still able to see what the coaches have to say and although it might prove a little difficult it could be done in my opinion.

It could be done in a way where what the coaches say is recorded and replayed at a later time during the broadcast, although it might have to be edited a considerable amount due to the tough deadlines the ABC have.

The majority of VFL coaches are well behaved in front of the cameras and ABC management need to take this into consideration, banning the addresses takes away from the coverarage that sets it apart from it's commercial counterparts when they cover AFL football.

On another note, it has angered my greatly me in recent weeks that there are so many people out there who think its's quite accpetable to verbally bash referees who are involved in the World Cup.

People are forgetting something here and this is that these people are human just like us which means they are not going to be perfect with every decision during a match which is only natural.

Without the referees, we wouldn't have a game and people need to understand this which I doubt many people would be prepared to do so.


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